How We work at Campusmart Afriq

Come home to quality.

We have a number of quality brands that you can trust. They come with the Lowest Prices that is easily affordable by all.

Keeping your family healthy & happy.

Parents can now buy items and get them delivered directly to their wards on the various University Campuses in Ghana.

Discover a new experience.

Campus mart Afriq is making campus lives much easier for students by bringing the market closer to their hostels.

An instinct for growth.

We partner with student entrepreneurs that have items and products to sell but don’t have the platform. We bring their business to live on our site.

We add value to people’s lives by helping them save not just money, but time and effort too. 

At we’re on a mission to provide our customers with amazing value on top brands. Famous names like Nestlé, Nkulenu, Samba foods, Piccadilly, Eden Tree, Colgate, Comfort and so many more!

Exclusive members offers, fast convenient delivery, daily deals without the hassle of battling with the high street.

Welcome to the Campus largest online shopping store.

  Our products are selected with our customers in mind. We look for your favorite brands and quality items that don’t just offer value but will get the job done. We all have busy lives and at, our mission is to save you money and time and deliver great products that you can easily order month after month, leaving you to concentrate on the fun things in life on campus!We share your values and hope that our values shine through in every delivery you receiveSome happy customers have already experienced the benefits of buying from us but don’t take our word for it, sign up now and enjoy the experience.

Making the Your Campus Life better Than Before.


Its one big shop with an intention of serving the campus around you.


We have a wide category of items that you will be interested in.


We have made our payment system so simple that you can use your Mobile Wallet.


We have the smartest delivery system that delivers products directly to your hostel.